A dedicated server, in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, etc. Server administration and mangement is provided by EXPERTS at no extra cost. A dedicated server offer less overhead and a larger return on investment. Dedicated servers can be housed in any one of the ten data centers distributed across different geographical locations.

On-Demand Server Hosting. Full-Time Management.

Focus on your business interests, not your IT infrastructure. We've paired the automation advantage of the EXPERTS on Demand-Server Hosting with our experience and technical expertise to create it as flexible and as your pace of operations.

Designed for large, multi-faceted deployments, EXPERTS Managed Hosting provides Dedicated, Cloud or seamlessly integrated environments with 24/7 management of core services including database, security, monitoring and backup.

Key Advantages

One-business-day deployment

Exceptional price for performance

Monthly contracts with no long-term commitment

Integration with self-managed environments

24/7 support from certified engineering team

Base Configuration

1Gbps Ports

Separate public and private network interfaces

Antivirus software

Virtual dedicated rack

It's all backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the highest uptime and assurance, and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

All together, it makes managed services a viable option for applications it wouldn't have been considered for before. We consider it Managed Hosting, re-imagined.

How to Start?

First, our certified engineering and support team will assess your business goals and technology needs, design the ideal environment architecture to fit your objectives and then provide a tailor-made support proactive management plan including backup with disaster recovery options, database administration, monitoring and security services.

Moving forward, our team will regularly review your infrastructure’s performance and health. But you never have to wait—you have unlimited access to system and environment statistics through the Executive Dashboard, providing near-real-time metrics on tickets, backups, bandwidth, uptime and more.

For more information, contact sales team.

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