Surveillance System

During an emergency, time is of the essence and it is important to see what has happened as soon as possible. A normal system might be the first to raise an alarm over the control and monitoring network, but without linked video,not enough detail about the event is available for implementing an effective and immediate response. Our surveillance solutions provide synchronized video and images information immediately and automatically to systems to provide comprehensive system monitoring; these solutions also improve the response time.

Key Features and Benefits

Better, faster decision-making Real time alerts of events as they happen are securely transmitted to wherever the information is required.

Increased integrity    Sterile surveillance environments rapidly established as intelligence within the camera and digital recording means you don't have to frequently return to the scene

Improved productivity     Less manpower required to monitor CCTV screens or manually analyse recorded footage. With many events monitored for and analysed simultaneously, personnel are freed for higher value tasks

Improved efficiency    Events missed due to operator fatigue virtually eliminated

Increased timeliness    Essential video evidence automatically analysed and made accessible early in an investigation

Nothing missed    Events defined at a granular level, such as a specific activity or specific person within a scene

Increased compatibility    Video information from a wide range of digital and analogue converted into a single format for effective analysis, sharing and presentation

Increased innovation    Body worn and head worn equipment increase the operational role of intelligent video surveillance into areas such as crowd control

Increased quality        Evidential quality information captured from a wide range of challenging surveillance environments

Event-triggered IP video display and recording Saves bandwidth and your network infrastructure.

Alarm notifications with on-site surveillance images reduces the response time and decrease risks to property and resources

IP Based Cameras with IP bandwidth optimization with VPort DynaStream frame rate control

Network traffic balance with distributed storage architecture

Shortens the response time to mere seconds

Saves time and reduces labor resource costs, and dramatically improves the operation efficiency of event identification and handling



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